A Truly Accurate Way to Visualize Your New Pair

Easy Access to Your Vision Profile

Being conscious of your vision health situation.
  • Visionary vision health situation diagram could help you to keep up with your diopters.
  • Simple vision health report enables you to know more about your vision health situation.
  • Our Optometrist would provide considerate advices to remind you for good vision habit.
  • You can view your vision health reports and prescriptions at anytime and from anywhere.
Customized vision care solutions
  • High quality lens recommendations that fit your vision needs.
  • Our recommendation will find the most appropriate lens reflection rate based on your pupil distance and diopters.

Most Accurate 3D Face Measurements for Your Comfort.

The most annoying issue for shopping glasses online is users cannot visualize whether the glasses fit their faces.When you find one, you may still not very confident to imagine the frame size and worry about whether it will match with you face or not.

Face Measurement

Opteyes using iPhone’s True Depth camera to measure users’ nose width, nose height, face width and pupil distance, etc. through face measurement. AI will select suitable frames for you by comparing your measurement data and all of our products. You can skip the troublesome size matching processes and focus on selection of preferable frames.

AI Face Matching

Not sure about your face type? Don’t know what kind of frame will suit you? Our face scan has a “secret” feature that will help you to find celebrities who share similar face type with you. You can take a look at what kind of glasses they wear as a reference too!

What is Virtual Try-On?

Virtual Try-on lets you to see what you’ll look like in a new pair of glasses via your mobile. Simply download the app and tap on Virtual Try-on button on the frame card will digitally position frames over your face. You can even share the results with friends to help decide if the new glasses suit you. Narrow down your choices to find frames that match your face shape and personal style without ever leaving home. It’s all part of Opteyes' goal of making it easy to shop for eyewear online.

Easy Swipes
Multiple Frames in a Minute

Can’t see the VTO effect clearly?
Try “Scree Recording Playback”

AI Frame Selection and Recommendation

Opteyes uses machine learning to selects, matches, and recommends optimal frames based on users’ face measurement data, frame size data, and their frame preferences combined with market trends.

A simple, easy and efficient way to shop for glasses that fits your face.

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