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Q1: Why Opteyes commits to provide solutions for employees' vision health problems?

Based on our researches, 90% of employees who use computers for more than 3 hours a day have Computer Vision Syndrome. Now, Computer Vision Syndrome is the number one occupational disease around the world. And minor vision problems may reduce employees’ work efficiency by 20%. If the disease could not be properly alleviated, it will produce a series of more serious symptoms which will further affect employees’ health and work situation.

Q2: How Opteyes can help to improve the vision health of employees?

The i.Profiler®plus used by Opteyes is one of the most advanced vision testing machine in the world. It can automatically complete an optometry within 60 seconds and find the potential symptoms of optic, which is far beyond of most machines in the market. Moreover, AI and AR technologies provided by Opteyes German developing team could combine the result of i.Profiler®plus and professional optimists team’s suggestions wisely. In this combination, users could receive an accurate and fast customized optometric result which will help them to solve vision health problems.

Q3: What is the difference between the vision health service provided by Opteyes and the vision examination in ordinary eyewear stores, hospitals, and health examination centers?

Comparing with traditional eyewear stores, Opteyes' vision testing equipment are much more advanced. It will cost 100 euros to do an i.Profiler®plus vision test at Zeiss Experience Center in Berlin. Hospitals are more focuses on eye health diseases. But Opteyes is more competitive at detecting daily vision problems than hospitals. Compared with most health examination centers, Opteyes’ services are more detailed and professional, it can also provide vision solutions right after the optometry.

Q4: Does Opteyes' on-site service only use testing equipment for inspections?

We are not only using ZEISS i.Profiler®plus equipment for vision inspections. A professional optometrist team will also provide employees with in-depth vision health consultations based on their needs.

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Q5: Can sunglasses be customized with prescriptions?

Yes. Since customized lenses (Self-tinting/tinted) are required for sunglasses, please contact customer service.

Q6: After finish Eye Exam, what services will Opteyes provide to users?

After completing the Eye Exam, every employee can get a copy of "My Vision Profile" which includes eye advices and fitting solutions based on their results.

Q7: Can I use my own optometry data to customize glasses?

Yes. Please contact customer service to provide photos or screenshots of optometry reports in other eyewear stores or health examination centers. We will communicate with you to verify the test information. And a professional optometrist will recommend a corresponding lens product based on your information.

Note: For orders not using optometry service data provided by Optize, the lens part is not qualified with the 7-day unreasonable return service except product’s quality issues.

Q8: How to check the order after placing the order?

Open the App and tap "Me-All Orders-Order Details".

Q9: How to track shipping information of an order?

Shipping information is temporarily not showing in the App. But after the order payment is completed, our service team will contact you to confirm details of the order shortly. And we will also contact you to inform you after your order is shipped. You can also consult online customer service to track your shipping information at any time.

Q10: When can I get the glasses after order?

We select the fastest delivery company, SF Express to provides complimentary shipping! Generally, customers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai could receive their order within the following time:

Sunglasses / Frame 2-3 Business Days

Optical Glasses (In-stock Lens) 3-5 Business Days

Optical Glasses (Customized Lens) 8-15 Business Days

The delivery time to other regions may be postponed one to two days. Opteyes's delivery range is currently limited to mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions). If you have other delivery requirements, please contact customer service without hesitate.

Q11: What should I do if I need to return or exchange?

Customers who did optometry, purchased frames and lenses, and processed orders at Opteyes can enjoy 7-day unreasonable return and exchange service for both frames and lenses, and a one-year warranty. If you have any quality problems, please contact our customer service without hesitate.

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